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The application process for mobility is defined by the Rule Book on International Mobility, and it can be divided in several steps which are briefly explained below.

Step 1: Expression of Interest

Contact the University’s International Relations Office (Administrative Contact Person) for information gathering. Follow the Erasmus placement opportunities at the International Relations Office website.

A student of UUB is allowed to participate in mobility programs several times during the course of his/her studies, whereby one student’s mobility period at the same level of studies may not last less than three months or more than twelve months in total. In addition to that, total duration of a mobility period may not amount to more than one half of the duration of the entire (regular) course of studies in the home institution.

Step 2 : Application Procedure & Documents Submission

The students and staff wishing to participate in the mobility must follow the procedure proposed by the Rule Book and instructions defined by the International Relations Office. With their applications, the applicants also submit the proof of language skills, or they are interviewed in order to assess their language skills.

In order to apply for a mobility program, a student is obliged to submit the following documents:


Application Form, (Student application for Erasmus+ mobility – traineeship In and Out UUB Ver.1, Student application for Erasmus+ mobility – studying In and Out UUB Ver.1)

Student Learning Agreement or Traineeship Agreement, (Learning agreement for studies Incoming to UUB Ver.1 , Learning agreement for studies – Outgoing from UUB Ver.1 )

English language certificate,

Curriculum Vitae (CV),

Motivational letter.

It may happen that a given mobility project requires additional documents to be submitted, in which case a list of such documents shall be given in the announced call.

Step 3: Selection procedure

The selection committee determines the ranking of all applicants within the given mobility call. The selection is conducted to ranking and available funding. Such rules may be regulated by a mobility agreement.

Step 4: Departure

The completed Learning Agreement and all other required documents including insurance, visa, tickets, and departure issues are prepared with the help of International Relations Office. Union University encourages staff and student mobility through all these steps.

Step 5: Return

Upon return to their home institutions, staff and students should submit to the International Relations Office all documents related to their mobility for the purposes of credit transfer, and the assessment and evaluation of the overall mobility process.

The Learning Agreement regarding a specific programme for the placement period is managed by the dean of the corresponding School at Union University. The Learning Agreement must be approved by the dean of the relevant School to validate the training period abroad. If an annex is necessary, it is signed by the student, the Sending Institution and the Host Organization/Institution.

Teacher and staff mobility

For staff mobiity (for teaching and training) applicant must submit the following documents: