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The academic credit system in Serbia, and Union University as well, is defined according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) explained at:

Accordingly, undergraduate studies at Union University Law School last three or four years. The four-year BA degree is attained once the student has passed all the mandatory and elective courses within the study programme and has acquired at least 240 ECTS credits. Upon graduation, students receive the title of the Bachelor of Science in Law. The three-year BA is attained by passing all the mandatory and elective courses within the selected study programme and acquiring 180 ECTS credits. Upon graduation, the students will receive the title of the Bachelor of Laws.

Master studies at Union University Law School in Corporate Law and Business Organisation Law or in Human Rights Law are worth 60 ECTS credits out of which the master thesis is worth 20 ECTS, while the courses (3 mandatory and one elective) a total of 40 ECTS. The entry requirement for the master studies is the Bachelor of Science in Law degree or a law or related social
sciences degree carryingor equivalent to 240 ECTS.

The PhD study programme lasts 6 semesters and is worth a total of 180 ECTS in accordance with the Bologna declaration. Once the course is completed and the doctoral thesis has been defended, the student is awarded a Doctorate in Law.

Within the framework of the European higher education system, and the Serbian system, education at the School of Computing is organized according to the following scheme: the bachelor’s degree in 8 semesters, with 30 ECTS per semester, 60 ECTS per academic year, and 240 ECTS bachelor’s degree.

For the master’s degree at the School of Computing there are two semesters, 60 ECTS, after the bachelor’s degree, altogether 300 ECTS, and the doctorate 6 semesters, or 180 ECTS after master’s degree.

The undergraduate academic studies at Belgrade Banking Academy – Faculty for Banking, Insurance and Finance last three years. During the undergraduate studies students obtain 180 ECTS. Upon completion of the undergraduate studies students earn an academic degree in Economics (Bachelor of Economic Sciences).

The master’s degree programs at Belgrade Banking Academy last two or four semesters during which students can obtain 60 or 120 ECTS. Master studies are organized in three modules – Investment Banking (120 ECTS); Banking, Finance and Business (120 ECTS); and Marketing Management (60 ECTS). After graduating from master academic studies, the students receive a diploma with the academic degree of Master Economist.

In addition to undergraduate academic and master academic studies, Belgrade Banking Academy provides doctoral studies. The scope of the doctoral studies is 180 ECTS and the study program lasts three years (six semesters).After finishing the doctoral studies, the student acquires the degree of a Doctor of Economic Sciences area Finance, PhD.

The Faculty of Law and Business Studies Dr Lazar Vrkatic enrols students in the following undergraduate (BA) study programmes: Law (duration: 3 years, 180 ECTS), Business Psychology(duration: 3 years, 180 ECTS), Security and Crime Science (duration: 4 years, 240 ECTS), and English Language (duration: 4 years, 240 ECTS). All interested applicants with completed four-year secondary education may apply for admission. The Faculty of Law and Business Studies Dr Lazar Vrkatic enrols students in the following graduate (MA) study programmes: Law (duration: 2 years, 120 ECTS), Business Psychology (duration: 2 years, 120 ECTS), Psychotherapy (duration: 2 years, 120 ECTS), Security and Crime Science (duration: 1 year, 60 ECTS), and English Language (duration: 1 year, 240 ECTS). The applicants who have obtaineda BA (undergraduate) degree (both 180 and 240 ECTS) in a related field are all eligible candidates and can apply for the admission to the graduate (MA) programmes.

Thanks to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) all students – whether they are Serbian or international – can easily understand and compare their degree program to any other European degree program.

Types of classes

Teaching in the bachelor and master programs is organized in the form of lectures (ser. predavanja) and exercises (ser. vežbe). The lectures are focused on theory. For the exercises, the students are divided into subgroups enabling them to study in-depth the subjects covered in the lecture classes, as well as to hold a dialogue with the professor.


A continuous assessment is organised within the framework of the practical assignments and mid-term exams (ser. kolokvijumi). Students will be marked for each assignment completed during these sessions (written & oral tests, papers, short talks, etc.)

Final exams, for admission to the next year’s study – written or oral – are organised at the end of the semester. The exam sessions take place at the end of each semester. The final attempts are scheduled for September – October. For students in the exchange program, the final attempts exams are held before the departure of the students.


At Union University Belgrade, as well as at other Serbian universities, a six-level grading scale is used: 10 – excellent – outstanding, 9 – excellent, 8 – very good, 7 – good, 6 – sufficient, the lowest passing grade, 5 – not sufficient, the failing grade. The requirements for a minimum percentage of exam in order to achieve a corresponding grade is regulated by the statute of each individual school, but general rules apply as: 91-100% for 10, 81-90% for 9, 71-80% for 8, 61-70 for 7, 51-60 for 6, and 0-50% for 5.






Fall Semester



January – February

Summer Semester



June – September

* Exact start/end dates may vary among specific UUB faculties

** Exact start/end dates may vary among specific UUB faculties in exam period








excellent (odličan/одличан)




exceptionally good (izuzetno dobar/изузетно добар)




very good (vrlo dobar/врло добар)




good (dobar/добар)




sufficient (dovoljan/довољан)




fail (nije položio/није положио)



Academic Calendar

The academic year at the Union University is divided into two semesters and exam terms take place at the end of each semester.

Academic Calendar 2018-19

Semester Start date End date
Autumn Semester 24th September 2018 18th January 2019
Spring Semester 4th February 2019 14th June 2019